“The situation described in the opening blurb of Complex’s list (she knows Lil Wayne songs. Cool! She knows too much. I’m scared!) is a classic set-up for “negging,” the totally despicable “Pickup Artist” strategy of undermining a woman’s ego in order to make her more vulnerable to your advances. Restricting women’s role in rap consumption to “girl who tacitly obliges your personal tastes but doesn’t assert her own too much” is pretty much Rap Game Negging—you’re cool, but wait, sit down, you’re not that cool. And equally toxic is going so far as to call women “groupies” for paying attention to (and, yes, favoriting the tweets of) the same rap internet thought leaders as you do is so un-selfaware it’s laughable (and may I inject a hearty #HAUHAUHAU at the very suggestion that you nerds have “groupies”). And it serves only to perpetuate a flattening of a potentially very robust discussion—the critical equivalent of the pallid death that is a RapGenius lyrics page, every stone one could possibly unturn and examine beneath affixed solidly to the ground. Exclude women from meaningful participation in the discourse, and you’re left in a virtual Chief Keef video—a barren room full of shirtless bros shaking their dreads back and forth, forever.”
Today is Katherine Calls Out And Links To Call-Outs Of Dudes Duding It Up Day, apparently, and I haven’t even finished writing. (via katherinestasaph)


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